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M4 Custom

Published the Sat May 13, 2017 3:59 pm
  • icon Price Price : 8 500 GMP
  • icon Country Country : United States of America
  • icon City City : Fuck NO

Description :

a highly modifiable M4A1 carbine, based on the M16 rifle, primarily used by the U.S. military.n 2014, the M4 Custom was one of the most flexible weapons at Old Snake's disposal, equipped with five attachment-mounting points that could be used to maximize its utility. The weapon was compatible with Snake's CQC, although it limited him to performing primarily throwdown and disarming maneuvers. Unlike the standard-issue M4, it had both 3-round burst and fully automatic firing modes in addition to semi-automatic fire. While there are a few AR-15 variants that use four firing positions, like some Navy M16A3 or the so-called "M4 Commando enhanced"the M4 Custom only had a three-point selector switch. It's entirely possible that the M4 Custom doesn't have a safety at all, and is 'hot' at all times.

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