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Welcome Guest! It is Sat Mar 23, 2019 The Current R&D Team Level is [Level 56]. The Current Intel/ Security Team is [Level 84] The Combat Team Level is [Level 83] The Mess Hall Team Level is [Level 10] The Medical Team is [Level 50]
How many Motherbase Easter Eggs have you found???
Shell 4 is still under major construction, Please watch your step on the bridge.
Season 2 is underway Folks! Get ready for the moisture!

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 My Exit

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[ Unknown ]
[ Unknown ]


GMP : 4242
Heroism : 44
Old Location : Strut G Gamer Room

CPU Intel Core i3 330M
GPU Intel HD Graphics
Combat [Lv.6] E
R&D [Lv.89] B+
Support [Lv.0] E
Intel [Lv.80] B
Medical [Lv.0] E

PostSubject: My Exit   Sat Dec 03, 2016 4:47 am

Whelp, it's time for me to leave the site again. Don't have any plans of being back so before I go, this time I'm going to leave my account as a template for the other admins here to use to better the site. I've been testing, and putting codes on my account for years in an attempt to learn everything about them that I can. I'm sure some of you have noticed my post background and my name for quite some time. (Try clicking on my post background, warning though it's bright) I've added custom profile support to the site, (Check my profile for an example of what I mean) which is what I'll be continuing to work on while not on the site (hopefully with Seth). I'm planning to give Nanook the means to update the site to allow everyone to have a profile like that in the future, the same way the profile music code works (Maybe then, everyone will finally be able to show their personal tastes in detail through their profiles). This will likely be my last coding project on this site, however if any other projects come up I'll probably send them through Nan if I do have anymore. Have a great time everyone.

(This message was pre-typed a long while ago, but I decided to wait a while to post it. Mostly because I've been too busy to try and start work on any of this. I still am a bit too busy, but I don't want to delay this message too long.)



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PostSubject: Re: My Exit   Mon Dec 05, 2016 3:53 am

But....we wont be seeing ya space cowboy .-.
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Naked Nathan

Naked Nathan

Militaires Sans Frontières

GMP : 49322
Heroism : 4
Old Location : Canada
Sig Sauce
M4a1 Ultimax Swag
Fuck Your Feelings RPG-69

Stun Grenade
CPU Intel Core i5-750
GPU Geforce GTX 480
Combat [Lv.138] S+
R&D [Lv.56] C
Support [Lv.0] E
Intel [Lv.70] B
Medical [Lv.7] E

PostSubject: Re: My Exit   Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:05 am

well i dont know u much sir but i just want to say that it u seemd cool and stuffs. i wish i got to know u but i got school so i cant be on as much but u leaving so i just wanna say good luck cus you look like you going places my nigga.
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PostSubject: Re: My Exit   

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My Exit
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