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Welcome Guest! It is Tue Aug 20, 2019 The Current R&D Team Level is [Level 56]. The Current Intel/ Security Team is [Level 84] The Combat Team Level is [Level 83] The Mess Hall Team Level is [Level 10] The Medical Team is [Level 50]
How many Motherbase Easter Eggs have you found???
Shell 4 is still under major construction, Please watch your step on the bridge.
Season 2 is underway Folks! Get ready for the moisture!


 Profile Music Fixed

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[ Unknown ]
[ Unknown ]

Profile Music Fixed 3711 Nothing

GMP : 4242
Heroism : 44
Old Location : Strut G Gamer Room
Profile Music Fixed Wipeou11
Profile Music Fixed Sharq_11
Profile Music Fixed Camera10
Profile Music Fixed Sword10
Profile Music Fixed Tako_l10
Profile Music Fixed Chocol10
CPU Intel Core i3 330M
GPU Intel HD Graphics
Combat [Lv.6] E
R&D [Lv.89] B+
Support [Lv.0] E
Intel [Lv.80] B
Medical [Lv.0] E

Profile Music Fixed Empty
PostSubject: Profile Music Fixed   Profile Music Fixed Icon_minitimeSun May 07, 2017 9:08 am

I heard from several people that my music code stopped working suddenly, so I decided to fix it real quick. Just do the same thing as in my last news update, cept replace "/embed/" with "/v/" and it should work.

Profile Music Fixed
Profile Music Fixed Zackfair1001
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Melody Jade

Melody Jade

MB Location : Citadelle Laferrière Nothing

GMP : 110
Heroism : 0
Old Location : Montreal Québec
CPU No CPU listed
GPU No GPU Listed
Combat [Lv.0]
R&D [Lv.0]
Intel [Lv.0]
Medical [Lvl.0]

Profile Music Fixed Empty
PostSubject: Re: Profile Music Fixed   Profile Music Fixed Icon_minitimeSun Apr 22, 2018 3:22 am

Oh. Cool.

Profile Music Fixed Blankity
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Profile Music Fixed
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