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 Cure retrieval

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PostSubject: Cure retrieval   Cure retrieval Icon_minitimeSun Oct 01, 2017 4:43 pm

Classified Moscow Research Lab

*I hide in a bush outside of the facility noticing there isn't a single guard to be seen. I slowly make my way up as I quickly stop hearing gun fire,someone else is here? I decide to make use of the distraction and pull out my silenced USP,and barge through the front door. My eyes widen as I noticed a bloodbath....holy shit. I stand there trying to figure out what the hell was happening until I hear Russian yelling and running. I quickly hide behind the welcome desk as several fully armed russian soldiers make there way from a doorway to the right across to the one on the left.

"ДЕРЬМО! ДЕРЬМО! Где сигналы тревоги?!?!"

*I wait till I no longer hear them and come out from hiding*

Shit...looks like we got one hell of an arrival.

*I make my way a couple of blood soaked rooms up and come across a firefight. Unknown soldiers were slaughtering the Russian soldiers. I make note of the suspicious emblem on there uniforms.*

Cure retrieval Hmf10

*I crawl under conveyor belts trying not to be seen. Before I crawl out from under one a Russian soldier falls reaching out towards me,as one of them reaches down and slits his throat.*

"What's he looking at....."

*Fuck. I watch as they slowly drag the corpse out of the way...but right before they look more Russians bust in.*


*They quickly turn towards the Russians and start firing. While they're distract I quickly crawl past them,and eventually,make it to the exit. After avoiding firefights and patrols from these new unknown soldiers I make my way to "Research block I:Chemicals". I make my way inside but quickly hide behind a stack of boxes when I quickly notice several soldiers enter the room*

"Alright the boss said he'll be through HERE. Keep a sharp eye out."

*They're....expecting me? Or someone else? Not important at the moment. I pull out an empty mag and throw it across the room....or tried to. One of them quickly turned around and shot it in mid air. What the hell are those reflexes?!? The mag lands back next to me.*

"He's here...."

*FUCK!!Before I can make sense of the situation one of them flips on top of the boxes looking down at me*

"You aint goin no wh-"

*I quickly fire a shot between his eyes as he flies back off the boxes. After he falls I quickly turn around and shove the second guy into the pile of boxes. I turn while hes on the ground and run up the wall slightly before grabbing onto a vent ledge and crawling inside.*

"Shit he got away...."

*I panic slowly crawling through the vent,but I heard a second voice*

"Shit....he actually hit me that quickly...."

*That one I shot....he was still the hell. I keep crawling before dropping down in a computer room. I quickly go through the files looking for any useful intel. Got it. A document explaining the chemical and cure,but before I can read I quickly copy it on my flashdrive when I hear more of them burst into the door.*


*I drop a smoke grenade while quickly pulling out my Boltor.*


*They open fire on the smoke while I quickly jump up and climb back into the vent,but get a bullet in my legs*


*I keep crawling back the way I came and jump back out*

Where is...the closest exi-

*I notice a "You are here map" and note the emergency exit. The soldiers flood in form multiple entrances firing at me as I quickly run out the only clean entrance. I run for my life as several soldiers chase after me with a slight limp. I turn firing at them,bolts nailing them to the walls. that should keep em down for a while. I eventually make my way outside on some cliff. I look back at them still after me. I jump off as a fulton comes out of my backpack. They fire while I hear a pilot on my codec*


*The chopper flies by me mid air,quickly turning to its left allowing me to land inside*


*I take the backpack off and use the mounted chaingun on the soldiers firing at us from the cliff*


*I fire at them,with bullets so big they cut them in half. I keep firing as we get away.....that was too damn close.*
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Cure retrieval
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