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 Site Updates and Plans

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Site Updates and Plans 110 MB Location : Citadelle Laferriere Wolves

Site Updates and Plans PA40ie9
GMP : 17556
Heroism : 15
Old Location : New Motherbase
Predator Bow
Site Updates and Plans Destal10
Site Updates and Plans Medic_11
CPU No CPU listed
GPU No GPU Listed
Combat [Lv.157] S+
R&D [Lv.160] S+
Support [Lv.70] B
Intel [Lv.157] S+
Medical [Lv.165] S+

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PostSubject: Site Updates and Plans   Site Updates and Plans Icon_minitimeFri Nov 17, 2017 4:22 am

Some Exciting New Updates In The Works

I'm going to outline and detail some of the ideas and plans we have in the works, as well as some updates to different sections of the site that may have not been working properly in the past months that are already implemented.

What We Already Have Done

1. New mod badges and signature indicators, as well as upcoming staff badges and indicators. We're a pretty tight knit community, so most of you are already aware, but this update is for any future new members or anyone who may not already be aware of who is staff and who is not. Now you'll know who to reach out to in case of any issues.

2. Changes to the weapon, equipment, ration, and melee requests. That's right, they're working again, to the great satisfaction of many of us who have not gotten the requests that we sent in. But, this means you have to re-send any previous requests you may have put in, as they did not carry over to the new, working system. Links will be provided below. Now that the mod team is part of the request and delivery process, we'll ensure that everyone gets what they order, we can't promise it'll always be timely, but we'll do our best to actually bring it to everyone.
Firearm Transaction: 2ANuFqZ
Equipment Transaction: 2mAhuYg
Ration Transaction: 2AUw1kC
Melee Transaction: 2jBn0sR

What We Have Planned

1. With the recent events that unfortunately not every member was able to be involved in, our roleplay section has had some big changes happening. How are we supposed to catch up on all that information without going through and reading a lot of different topics?! Well, we have plans on implementing a regularly updated summary section in order to keep people up to date with roleplay events so that you never have to come back feeling completely out of the loop. We want to make it quick and easy for you to discover what you missed. As well, make sure to keep up with the wiki as we continue to build and update it.

2. Alongside these huge roleplay changes, it means that we're... well, we're no longer at New Motherbase. But then, what does this mean for the site? We're surrounded by images and references to a base that's no longer there. It's time for a bit of interior redesign. Within the coming months we'll be working together to redesign the site in order to reference current times, and make sure we're not living in the past. This means so many new roleplay opportunities, and this is a change we're excited for.

3. We've been doing some cleaning, which means getting rid of some unsavory accounts connected to a less than stellar trash person. This also means in the coming months we'll be deciding whether or not to completely remove very old (3+ years) inactive accounts from being in our database. As well, from now on, please announce any alternative accounts you may be using for NPC purposes so that we know what is a positive NPC or alternate account and what is intended to be used for harmful purposes because we WILL be deleting unrecognizable suspicious accounts.
Feel free to send me a pm letting me know about if you do have any.

We Hope You'll Like What's Coming!

Site Updates and Plans 10SceVS
Site Updates and Plans Ojv72c1
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PostSubject: Re: Site Updates and Plans   Site Updates and Plans Icon_minitimeFri Nov 17, 2017 4:40 am

As the fucking lazy cop I am looking forward to barely help
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Site Updates and Plans
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