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 Site Updates 2017-12-06 [IMPORTANT]

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MB Location : Citadelle Laferriere Wolves

GMP : 17556
Heroism : 15
Old Location : New Motherbase
Predator Bow

CPU No CPU listed
GPU No GPU Listed
Combat [Lv.157] S+
R&D [Lv.160] S+
Support [Lv.70] B
Intel [Lv.157] S+
Medical [Lv.165] S+

PostSubject: Site Updates 2017-12-06 [IMPORTANT]   Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:12 pm

Hey guys, last night we made some really exciting changes that I'm going to try to go over with you all in as much detail as I can. However, if you have any questions, feel free to message me and I'll try to answer as many as I can.

Levels Categories and a Redefined Letter System

We've redefined the level categories to be a bit more relevant and basic. Keep in mind we've completely removed base construction for everyone, as its become irrelevant and unused compared to R&D and will now be combined with that stat. Lets start with what these categories are, and their official meanings.

Combat: Unchanging, this applies to any combat you enter into, whether it's firearm related, explosives, melee, esc. The amount you earn directly relates to your fighting performance. You'll always earn some if you enter into combat but you'll earn less for smaller fights and more for bigger fights.

Research & Development: The R&D stat has been combined with your Bio stat, if you notice a huge increase in your R&D, that is why. This is now defined as any research or development you conduct, whether in a scientific manner, in a mechanical manner, or in base construction. Guns, disease research, vehicle development, building, esc. This is self explanatory. The larger the development, the more you earn. This will correlate with your in roleplay actions/events, and will not be affected by what you choose to do out of roleplay in your free time.

Intel: This has not changed. Intel is defined by what information you bring to roleplay, or missions that you help create.

Support: Support is our newest category, please welcome it with open arms. The category applies to any non-direct action you take in order to benefit the team in a mission, ie. non-combative approach. Examples of this include flying people, providing overhead instruction, directing the team from a separate location, providing medical attention to operatives (which will give you a boost in Medical as well), and things of this nature. For MOST people who have not made obvious support moves through their career, this stat is defaulted at Lv.5, if you feel this is incorrect, please feel free to send me a private message as we cannot always account for every move that people have made over Season 1.

Medical: Medical stays the same, this stat applies to any sort of medical attention you give to others. The more medical attention you give, the more you earn, however if you're at a low medical stat, please keep in mind that there's little you will know how to do to help people. If you want training in the Medical stat please see me, or anyone in the Medical Team and we may be able to give you a minor training boost.


That's it for our new official categories. If you have any questions, again, feel free to send me a pm. We've also accounted for the beginning of Season 2 in adding stats for people, so take a look at your stats and see if you've gotten any boosts.


Now for the new letter systems in stats. These have also been updated in your profile so please take a look. Keep in mind you may see you've moved down from A+ to A or S to A, this does not mean your stat has gotten worse, it simply means that its been changed to reflect the new parameters for the leveling system.

Lv. 0-29 = E
Lv. 30-49 = D
Lv. 50-69 = C
Lv. 70-89 = B
Lv. 90-109 = A
Lv. 110-129 = S
Lv. 130-199 = S+
Lv. 200+ = Master/Optional Prestige Available

You may be wondering, Jess, what's this prestige thing I see? We'll talk about that, don't worry.

Prestige System

We'll be adding a new prestige system so that you can move past earning just Lv. 200 and S+ ranks. Once you hit level 200 you will now be given the option to send a moderator a private message and earn a new prestige rank. Like many video games, when you prestige you will be put back down to [Lv.0] E, but you will earn a new prestige badge, as well as a title next to your rank that will show up as "[Lv.0] E ____".

Every single level category (ie. Combat, R&D, Intel, Support, Medicine), will have 10 unique prestiges as well as 10 unique badges. This means 50 badges and 50 titles. That's a lot of work for me to do for us to do, however we're hoping this gives you guys a bit more excitement about leveling up.

I'd tell you guys what each prestige is called, but that would spoil the surprise, wouldn't it? Instead, we'll figure out as we go.

Holiday Season on the Forum

It's that time of year again, the Holiday Season at NMB. Please make sure to enjoy the tiny pixel snow and light bulbs. And happy holidays everyone!


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Site Updates 2017-12-06 [IMPORTANT]
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