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Welcome Guest! It is Tue Aug 20, 2019 The Current R&D Team Level is [Level 56]. The Current Intel/ Security Team is [Level 84] The Combat Team Level is [Level 83] The Mess Hall Team Level is [Level 10] The Medical Team is [Level 50]
How many Motherbase Easter Eggs have you found???
Shell 4 is still under major construction, Please watch your step on the bridge.
Season 2 is underway Folks! Get ready for the moisture!


 Extra Hands

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Extra Hands  110 Wolves

Extra Hands  Cookie_Badge_Finished
GMP : 54899
Heroism : 20
Old Location : Seychelles Waters
PSG1-T Automatic Tranquilizer Sniper Rifle
SE-911 Eagle | Oreo Delight
Multi Purpose Grenade Launcher
Stun Knife
Chaff Grenade
CPU Intel Core i5 4670k 4 core 3.4ghz
Combat [Lv.86] B
R&D [Lv.266] S++
Support [Lv.105] A
Intel [Lv.205] S++
Medical [Lv.84] B

Extra Hands  Empty
PostSubject: Extra Hands    Extra Hands  Icon_minitimeTue Dec 12, 2017 9:03 pm

*Staring at the helicopter full of people i order men to start helping these guys up when suddenly i see a dash of movement come out of the chopper itself*

What is tha- *quickly rolls away as a flash of white fluffiness with horns charges*

Is that a...GOAT!? Q.Q

Someone care to explain?? (@.@ ~)

*The Goat runs freely around the rooftops as it charges at soldiers*

*sighs deeply*

Carry on...

With the new set of people, we can analyze their talents and put them to work on a team with a task that would help out around here. You know, Construction Team, R&D Team, The Medical Team, but right now all we really a cleanup team...i've been down inside..not pretty down there...smells horrible too....Now that we have a helicopter capable of taking us to various parts of the world, This can be some use to people...

*Pulls out a backpack looking item*

Extra Hands  Fulton10

The old trust Fulton Recovery lets you extract soldiers and materials that you find during misson so you don't have to carry it all the way back to your chopper. Unfortunately this one was left it's an older model so it's only good for extracting soldiers in good weather....also i currently have only 20 so...we need more resources i can build more.

Extra Hands  Tumblr_nwwkyrsHAw1qhccbco1_400Extra Hands  Eye_have_you_by_kylename
Extra Hands  10SceVS
Extra Hands  Cookie11 
Extra Hands  New_co10
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Extra Hands  110 MB Location : Citadelle Laferriere Wolves

Extra Hands  PA40ie9
GMP : 17556
Heroism : 15
Old Location : New Motherbase
Predator Bow
Extra Hands  Destal10
Extra Hands  Medic_11
CPU No CPU listed
GPU No GPU Listed
Combat [Lv.157] S+
R&D [Lv.160] S+
Support [Lv.70] B
Intel [Lv.157] S+
Medical [Lv.165] S+

Extra Hands  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Extra Hands    Extra Hands  Icon_minitimeTue Dec 12, 2017 9:55 pm

*Watching the goat charge past her towards a scared soldier, she walked up to Cookie and took a clipboard from the hands of a female soldier, looking at it and pulling a pen from her pocket*

We're looking at the entire top section being held for work while the underneath of the fortress is going to be for living arrangements as well as storage, a mess hall, esc. I can allocate most of the medical team down to clean since right now I only need one or two on hand to help monitor Nathan's vitals and make sure he's... well... not dead.

Currently base construction is moving beds to the living area and setting up work areas, including yours Cookies, which will be across the hall from the Medical Bay near Rein's office. I can have weakest of the bunch move on to cleaning. However, our lookout teams are stretched thin, since we have very little coverage of the forests around us.

That means.. *without even looking, she grabs Jonas' arm as he walks by with her metal one and pulls him to stand beside them* Jonas, I want you and your other big bodyguard buddy to join our lookout and defense team, more importantly, you two will be in charge of protecting Cookie and Rein. Whichever you choose between the two of you. Since they're close in proximity, I can't imagine that'll be too much trouble.

*Before letting him get a word in, she pats his chest and sends him off, turning back to Cookie and the clipboard* Rein already extended the offer but their mechanic is all yours. *Handing back the clipboard to the female soldier, she faces Cookie again* And we need to talk privately later. *Patting Cookies shoulder, she walked back off where she came, soldiers following her as she extended the orders to create the cleaning crew*

Extra Hands  10SceVS
Extra Hands  Ojv72c1
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Rein Secrona
Drebin #69
Drebin #69
Rein Secrona

Extra Hands  110 MB Location : Hounds Laferriere Branch, Rein's Office Hounds
GMP : 6000
Heroism : 15
Old Location : Munich Germany
Extra Hands  Proto_12
.30 Manticore Duel Wield
Extra Hands  Iches10
CPU No CPU listed
GPU No GPU Listed
Combat [Lv.74] B
R&D [Lv.156] S+
Support [Lv.90] A
Intel [Lv.55] C
Medical [Lv.35] D

Extra Hands  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Extra Hands    Extra Hands  Icon_minitimeTue Dec 12, 2017 11:29 pm

*He walks out into the main courtyard and sees the others. He walks up to Cookie and Jess, listening to what jess was saying*
My gun tech is free to assist Cookie however she needs. My mechanic can keep any vehicles we have in shape, but he is only one guy. We could make a small team to make sure we always have people on hand to fix up anything we bring back.

Extra Hands  Infant11
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PostSubject: Re: Extra Hands    Extra Hands  Icon_minitime

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Extra Hands
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