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Welcome Guest! It is Thu Feb 21, 2019 The Current R&D Team Level is [Level 56]. The Current Intel/ Security Team is [Level 84] The Combat Team Level is [Level 83] The Mess Hall Team Level is [Level 10] The Medical Team is [Level 50]
How many Motherbase Easter Eggs have you found???
Shell 4 is still under major construction, Please watch your step on the bridge.
Season 2 is underway Folks! Get ready for the moisture!

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Samantha Heart
Food Supremacist
Food Supremacist
Samantha Heart

New Haven Syndicate

GMP : 37570
Heroism : 76
Old Location : Vagina Virginia
AI AWX Bolt Action | Ploop!
HK .45 USP | Pretty N Pink!
AKM Sexy Bitch
Stun Knife
Motherbase Phone
Kit Kat.
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.2 ghz
GPU Intel HD Graphics 3000
Combat [Lv.112] S
R&D [Lv.30] D
Support [Lv.60] C
Intel [Lv.98] A
Medical [Lv.32] D

PostSubject: Housekeeping   Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:43 pm

*Meanwhile back in the Mountain Fortress, Sammy is trying to keep the peace and order around here while everyone have been going in and out of missions*

*Sammy goes into a Production room reading clipboards of what the soldiers are working on*

Okay first thing...scrap this idea...there's no reason for a huge ass satellite dish on the base, that just screams "Hey look people..lets raid them" *Hears chatter* Listen i don't Care! if it gives you cable!!!! Would you basic bitches rather stay off the radar or die watching wack ass incest porn?? mhm..that's what i thought..Next!!

*She starts walking out with a line of soldiers following shouting and throwing ideas and updates. She begins walking and talking her way to the Heliport*

I heard something about those crystals? melt them. Turn them into resource fuel. *hears chatter* Okay well if they are worth monetary value why are we still sitting on stacks of them..either get some men to sell the shit, bring back some income! or melt the damn things for fuel and nipples are starting to freeze and these blast furnaces aint cutting it. NEXT!!

*hears more chatter* NO..ABSOLUTELY NOT! We are not about to waste valuable resources and income on building a giant statue SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!?!? COME ON!! *stops and turns around at them with an upset look*



No!? Nothing but personal bullshit i don't have time for!? You guys are stressing me the fuck OU- *hears the goat ready to charge at me.

*I move out the way in time, but the unit following me gets hit*

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! I'm getting really sick of this shit....*I go near helicopter to hear the blades going*

FINALLY THEY'RE BACK!! *Suddenly i see people rushing to the ER area*

Oh.. ._.

i see you spying on me, Guest >>
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